Digital LED Neon - NE1023SS-DIG

Digital LED Neon - NE1023SS-DIG


1) Digital LED Neon can emit beautifully colored light, it's the top decorative strip light
2) Smooth color change, and the soft light is not glaring
3) UCS1903/1934 IC is suitable for a variety of Digital Controllers
4) Great design freedom thanks to flexibility and cuttability of module
5) High-performance silicone for extremely long life and flexibility
6) IP67 protected and resistant to salt mist and UV, suitable for outdoor use
7) IP68 can be achieved after special treatment and can be used in water
8) Easy to be installed, can be cut and  reconnected


Part No. NE1023SS-DIG
LED Type SMD5050
IC Type UCS1903/1934
Input Voltage DC 12V/24V
LED Qty 60LEDs/meter
Light Color Digital RGB
Power 15W/meter
Min. Cutting Length 50/100mm
Protection Rating IP67/IP68
Beam Angle 120°
Temperature range in operation -30°C ~ 75 °C
Lifespan 50000 hours


Decoration lighting
Commercal lighting
Stage lighting
Residential lighting
Architectural lighting
Swimming Pool lighting

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