RGBW  4IN1  LED Digital Strip  LRS-4IN1-N60T-1814-12V

RGBW 4IN1 LED Digital Strip LRS-4IN1-N60T-1814-12V


1) RGBW 4IN1 TM1814 LED Digital Strip has the features of high brightness, low heat, low energy consumption, fast data transfer, fast screen refresh, etc.
2) The strip has 3 wires input: Anode, Data, GND, can achieve multicolor, monochrome, gradient, water, horse racing, text, numbers, chase, English, pictures, animations, video, any effect.
3) One IC control 3 LEDs, the color changes are fine and smooth.
4) Low voltage (DC12V) input, safer to control.
5) The three primary colors of each pixel can realize 256-level brightness display, complete the true color display of 16777216 colors, and the scanning frequency is not less than 400Hz/s.
6) Dimmable.
7) Ideal for decoration lighting, commercal lighting, stage lighting, etc.


Part No. LRS-4IN1-N60T-1814-12V
LED Type SMD5050
IC Type TM1814
Input Voltage DC 12V
LED Qty 60LEDs/meter
Light Color RGB
Power 18W/meter
Min. Cutting Length 5cm
Protection Rating IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Beam Angle 120°
Temperature range in operation -30°C ~ 75 °C
Lifespan 50000 hours


Decoration lighting
Commercal lighting
Stage lighting
Residential lighting
Architectural lighting

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