WS2801  LED  Digital  Strip  LRS5050XN32T-2801-5V

WS2801 LED Digital Strip LRS5050XN32T-2801-5V


1) WS2801 LED Digital Strip is an excellent double lines signal transfer addressable pixel LED Strip.
2) The strip has 4 wires input: Anode, Clock, Data, GND, can achieve multicolor, monochrome, gradient, water, horse racing, text, numbers, chase, English, pictures, animations, video, any effect.
3) One IC control one LED, the color changes are fine and smooth, also, the strip can be cut by each LED.
4) Low voltage (DC5V) input, safer to control.
5) The three primary colors of each pixel can realize 256-level brightness display, complete the true color display of 16777216 colors, and the scanning frequency is not less than 400Hz/s.
6) Dimmable.
7) Ideal for decoration lighting, commercal lighting, stage lighting, etc.


Part No. LRS5050XN32T-2801-5V
LED Type SMD5050
IC Type WS2801
Input Voltage DC 5V
LED Qty 32LEDs/meter
Light Color RGB
Power 9.8W/meter
Min. Cutting Length 3.125cm
Protection Rating IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Beam Angle 120°
Temperature range in operation -30°C ~ 75 °C
Lifespan 50000 hours


Decoration lighting
Commercal lighting
Stage lighting
Residential lighting
Architectural lighting

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